It’s hard to know which household advice is legitimate, and which can be put down to urban myth – and the latter is true for more than you think. Some of the everyday routines that we follow to take care of our homes could actually be doing more harm than good, and leave us fighting a losing battle with dying plants, growing mould, and other problems that don’t seem to be going away. We’re here to bust those myths, and advise you on the DIY fixes that really work.


Use bleach to fight against mould

This is one of the most misleading myths out there. While bleach does kill mould, it does not solve the problem of the highly allergenic ingrained spores that are harder to reach. Mould can remain in damp ceilings, walls, and windows by becoming embedded inside the surface. Bleach simply eases the symptoms, whereas thoroughly scrubbing and vacuuming existing mould does the job properly, as does targeting the moisture that is causing the mould.


Remove red wine spills with white wine

This ‘trick’ is one that is used all too commonly, when in actual fact it only exacerbates the situation. White wine, although lighter, is still coloured, and adding it to a red wine spill only changes the colour of the stain. Although many of us have been led to believe that it has properties that counteract the red wine, this is a myth – actually it is salt that works best for this. Instead of adding liquid, salt soaks up the spill, and, in turn, the colour. This can then be easily vacuumed away.


Watering plants in the evening  

Many of assume that watering plants or the lawn without sunlight holds the moisture, and allows them to soak up water for longer. However, evaporation is an essential part of your plants ecosystem, as if they retain too much water for too long, mould or other fungal diseases can set in at the root. Water your plants early in the morning when the sun is rising to give them the best care, and re-soil them every now and then to keep them happy and healthy!


Turning electronics and heating systems on and off

Some of the biggest myths in the house are the ones surroundings our electrical objects and central heating. Although many of us have been led to believe that turning our computers,TV’s, and light switches on and off repeatedly uses more energy, it will always use more energy to leave them on. Likewise with our central heating – leaving heating on a low temperature to keep the house consistently warm can get expensive. Make sure if you use this method that all windows are sealed and all doors are closed. Remember to turn the heating off every now and then, and open the windows to keep the house fresh.



A common misconception a few of us are guilty of is that we must thoroughly rinse our dishes before placing them in the dishwasher to get a cleaner result. This myth can actually be harmful to our glasses and crockery. Dishwasher detergents contain harsh chemicals in order to fight grease and dirt, that without grime to attack, end up doing damage to the surfaces of your kitchenware. While it does make sense to clear your plates to avoid build up in the machine, simply scrape them and place them properly inside to ensure they come out clean. Remember to also clean the filter every so often to keep your machine working perfectly!



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