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Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The increase of the city’s population propels the demand for various services incl. home and office cleaning. No matter if you live or work in Windsor Road, West Lake Hills, Allandale, Highland Hills, Great Hills, Zilker, Heritage or Downtown – there is a large number of residental and commercial cleaning companies providing their servics to support households and offices.


Home cleaning in Austin

Cleaning companies in Austin come in various types: Large franchise cleaning companies and small individual housekeeping companies have been around for decades to help you with keeping your home clean and tidy. More recently, several online booking platforms for cleaning services have launched. All type of cleaning companies offer a similiar cleaning experience, which typically includes furniture dusting, cleaning of floor surfaces, toilet cleaning, stove and oven cleaning, rubbish removal and general tidying.

The prices for house or apartment cleaning services in Austin typically range from 30 to 60 USD per hour and can be more expensive for additional services (e.g., window cleaning or carpet cleaning).

Many companies allow their customers to find a cleaner or schedule a cleaning appointment with an easy online booking system. Simple and customer friendly platforms allow you to book your service within minutes. In the booking process, customers have to provide information on the location and size of their house or apartment. Additional information is required in case of special needs. In most cases, after providing the relevant information, the customer can simply select a suitable timeslot for the first cleaning job and determine the cleaning frequency.


Commercial cleaning in Austin

There is a variety of commercial cleaning companies in Austin that can broadly be divided into three different types of companies: Specialized office cleaning companies, more general facility service companies and online platforms. The latter used to offer services mostly for residental customers, but some of them recently extented their service to the commercial segment. These online cleaning platforms, however, mostly addresse smaller offices rather than large commercial buildings.

All of these companies provide similar cleaning services such as general office cleaning, vacuuming and sweeping, restroom cleaning and sanitizing, showroom cleaning and window cleaning. Depending on the type of the property and business, there are special services offered to meet each customer’s cleaning requirements.

The prices of commercial cleaning services can range widely depending on the scope and complexity of the service provided to a particular customer. Before a cleaning plan is defined and the contract is signed, most commercial cleaning companies will speak with their customers about their needs and expectations. Also, most commercial cleaning companies do not provide quotes for the office cleaning before having a call with the customer or even an on-site viewing.



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Cleaning providers in Austin

Below is a list of cleaning companies available in Austin. More information about each of these companies incl. detailed reviews on the cleaning providers can be found by following the according links.


Residential Cleaning Companies in Austin:

King of Maids Cleaning Service Logo
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Commercial Cleaning Companies in Austin:

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