Cleaning services in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Cleaning Services

Jacksonville is not only the largest city by population in the state of Florida but also the largest city by area in the whole United States. Therefore, there are lots of cleaning service providers in Jacksonville to meet the demands of such a bustling city. Jacksonville is divided into numerous neighborhoods, the major ones being Downtown Jacksonville and its surrounding neighborhoods, including LaVilla, Brooklyn, Riverside, Avondale, Springfield, Eastside, and San Marco.


Home cleaning services in Jacksonville

As in other cities in the US, there are several different types of residential cleaning services in Jacksonville. The most common types of companies are large maid service companies, independent cleaning companies and online booking platforms for cleaning services.

There are several franchise cleaning companies in Jacksonville such as Mollymaid, which offer standardized services for regular cleanings, move-in/move-out cleanings or occasional apartment cleanings. Their home cleaning services include upholstery cleaning, vacuuming, and mopping, toilet cleaning, wiping of countertops, trash disposal and changing of bedding.

Many home cleaning companies offer an online booking process. Customers can provide details about their house or apartment, define the services needed and immediately receive a quote. The customer can then select a timeslot and define the frequency for the cleaning.
The average hourly price for home cleaning services in Jacksonville is 30 USD. The duration of a cleaning job depends on the size of the home as well as special cleaning requirements such as inside oven or inside fridge cleaning.


Commercial cleaning services in Jacksonville

There are three broad categories of cleaning companies in Jacksonville: Large specialized office cleaning companies, more general janitorial service companies, and independent local cleaning companies.

Most commercial cleaning providers don’t use online booking platforms, instead they want to speak individually with potential customers in order to understand their cleaning requirements in detail.

After providing basic information on their websites, you will be contacted by a representative from the cleaning service’s branch in your city. You can discuss any specific needs regarding the cleaning to the representative. On some websites, you are shown the number of the representative in you area after entering your ZIP code, allowing you to call the cleaning company directly. Prices for office cleaning in Jacksonville vary, depending on the specific requirements, square footage and cleaning schedules. Most services start at 100 USD for an individual cleaning, but can go several hundred USD depending on the factors mentioned above.

Apart from office space cleaning, most commercial cleaning companies offer restaurant cleaning or retail store cleaning as well. Services such as floor maintenance, restroom hygiene, and window cleaning are part of the standard package. Additional services are offered upon request.


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Cleaning providers in Jacksonville

Below is a list of Jacksonville cleaning companies, both for residential and commercial cleaning services.

Residential cleaning companies in Jacksonville:

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Commercial cleaning companies in Jacksonville:

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