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Cleaning Services in Seattle

Not only has Seattle the most bookstores and libraries per capita and is on the forefront when it comes to live music and performances, it is also one of the fastest growing cities in the US. It is due to this fact that multiple cleaning companies are now operating all over the city. From cleaning companies in Southlake Union, Downtown, Capitol Hill to housekeeping services in Fremont, Queen Anne or Belltown, Seattle has got you covered.


Home cleaning in Seattle

Whether having a busy working life, taking care of a family or having an extensive hobby is the reason why there is no time left to do household chores, there is one solution: Hiring a cleaner. It will allow you to do things that matter to you without that feeling of guilt that one gets when knowing that there is still a shower to be scrubbed or a floor to be cleaned.

There are different types of residential cleaning providers operating in Seattle, they range from professional cleaning companies and individual cleaners to online booking platforms for cleaning services. Most cleaning companies offer a standardized service which includes furniture dusting, sanitizing of kitchen areas, taking out garbage and the wiping of mirrors and glass fixtures. The services offered can slightly vary depending on the company.

In recent years more and more online cleaning platforms have appeared on the market; with their customer-friendly and easy approach they allow their clients to hire a cleaner in just a few minutes.  All the customer has to do is enter a few details regarding the size and location of their home as well as provide information on the services they would like to utilise into their online form. After this is completed they have to determine the cleaning frequency and will then be provided with a quote.


Commercial cleaning in Seattle

Just as in the residential sector, different types of commercial cleaning providers are offering their services in Seattle, amongst them commercial cleaning franchises, janitorial service companies and online platforms for office cleaning. The services provided by commercial cleaning companies are more specific than in the residential area as commercial cleaning providers cater to the needs of a wide range of businesses and facilities such as schools, car dealerships or hospitals. Nevertheless, most companies’ services include general office cleaning, retail cleaning, floor polishing, sanitizing bathrooms as well as interior and exterior window cleaning.

Due to the variations in size and tasks required, most commercial cleaning companies offer a free consultation with their customers first, before providing them with a quote. This can be arranged directly on their website, on the phone or in person in one of their branches.


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Cleaning providers in Seattle

Below you can find a list of cleaning companies based in Seattle. The details for each of these companies can be found by following the according links.



Residential cleaning companies in Seattle:

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Commercial cleaning companies in Seattle:

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