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Which services are typically included in office cleaning?

The cleaning requirements of commercial buildings are more specific than in the residential sector, therefore commercial cleaning companies offer services specifically tailored to their clients’ needs.  When it comes to smaller as well as larger office buildings cleaning typically includes hard floor and carpet cleaning, restroom disinfection as well as trash removal and disposal. Depending on the space and cleaning company this can also include cleaning of inside as well as outside windows and dusting.

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Which services are typically included in home cleaning?

A standard home cleaning usually includes vacuuming and mopping of floors as well as general dusting around the house. In the kitchen, the counter and stove tops are wiped, dusted and disinfected. In the bathroom, all mirrors and glass fixtures are wiped and sink, tab, bathtub, shower and toilet are cleaned and disinfected. All garbage bins are emptied. Upon requests, extras such as a laundry service can be booked. Please note that the services provided can slightly differ depending on the company. It is also important to know when hiring a cleaner first time that some companies require their customers to book a deep clean which is more thorough than a standard home cleaning.

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Should I give my cleaner a key to my home?

If you are not home when your cleaner arrives you will need to make sure that the cleaner will have the necessary instructions to enter your home. While some companies tag and store their customers keys at their office to ensure security and trust, others recommend a lock box for the keys. Both options will make it easy for you to hire a cleaner when necessary without having to stress about being home.

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Is a cleaner liability insurance important?

Cleaning a home or an office is hard work. Even the most professional and thorough cleaners might drop or spill something in a moment of inattention and thereby cause damage. In most cases, such as dropping a glas, the financial damage is low. If a cleaner, however, spills detergent which leaves stains on an expensive carpet, the damage caused can quickly become very costly. As such accidents can never be completely prevented, it is very important that the cleaner or cleaning company has a liability insurance with sufficient coverage, which protects the customer in the event of damage.

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