Got a spare fifteen minutes? You may think you don’t have time to clean – but it doesn’t always have to be a big task. Our quick tips for speed cleaning will help you to transform any area in under twenty minutes, and stay on top of everything else in the house as well – so you can use the rest of the time to relax!


  1. Wipe kitchen surfaces

Thoroughly wiping all surfaces is the easiest way to create a ‘clean feeling’ around the house, especially in the kitchen. Use antibacterial spray and a cloth or wipes over countertops and all other surfaces, including appliances and cabinets to get rid of obvious marks and stains. Don’t forget the floor and walls too – it can make a world of difference. Cleaning the sink down quickly also boosts the appearance of your kitchen, so remember to drain any debris and wipe properly after use.


  1. Spray the bathroom

A quick spray and toilet clean in the bathroom is always a good idea – and in an emergency can have fast results! Tiles and waterproof surfaces make this a convenient room to keep on top of in terms of frequent and regular cleaning, so it shouldn’t take too long to give everything a quick once-over. Let a good antibacterial spray sit and soak up any grime and dirt in the sink, bathtub, and on the mirror, and then simply wipe away. Don’t underestimate the power of a toilet brush and disposable wipes to get the toilet looking great in a flash – it can take 10 minutes to brush and flush with toilet cleaner, and clean the rim, seat, and surrounding area.


  1. Clear the clutter

Clutter is one of the biggest eyesores in an otherwise clean home, so make sure to always pick up all clothes, toys, books, and other knick-knacks around the house and put them in their rightful place. If you have unexpected guests coming over, gather lost items and store them in one (hidden) place until you have a chance to find a home for them, and take a few moments to clear and tidy tables and desks. This will save you precious time when you need to vacuum or wipe surfaces, as well helping with your routine in the long term.


  1. Vacuum it up

One of the best weapons in your arsenal, your vacuum cleaner, is built to do the hard work for you. Simply running it over any high-traffic areas eliminates the dust and dirt that makes rooms appear untidy and unclean. Although a more thorough sweep and vacuum is required regularly, spending 10 minutes vacuuming the worst spots drastically improves the general cleanliness of any room, and can be followed with 5 minutes of dusting over furniture and table tops with a duster or microfibre cloth.


  1. Organise your routine

The real secret to speed cleaning lies in your more regular cleaning routine – and how you organise your household. A well-kept and frequently cleaned home will be easier to look after day to day. Bad habits such as letting dishes pile up, leaving clutter around, and wearing shoes in the house mean that cleaning can become an endless task. Creating dedicated storage places for everything makes it easier to clean and take care of your space both quickly and in the long-run- try it now!


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