Angie’s List is an online platform that provides information and reviews on local services. The company was founded in 1995 and went public in 2011. The platform lists more than 700 services, including housecleaning. Angie’s Lists’s members review and rate local service providers along different dimensions on a scale from A to F. Aggregate ratings are shown in the search results. Some services can be booked through the platform, for other services customers need to connect with the according providers.


How Angie’s List works

Angie’s List works similar to other online platforms such as Thumbtack that aggregate the services offered by local companies.
Searching for a particular services is very easy. After entering the zip code in the sign-up process, you can either select a service from one of the categories (House, Yard, Health, etc.) or search for a particular service by using the query form. (The process is shown for housecleaning services below).


Angie's List Cleaning Services Homepage

Angie’s List – Homepage


After that, a list with all service providers in the specified zip code is shown, ordered by their aggregate rating. From here, you can navigate to the detail pages of the individual providers where you will find general information on the cleaning company, images and reviews.


Angie's List Overview Cleaning Companies

Angie’s List – Overview Cleaning Companies


The provider pages also contain a link to the cleaning company’s website as well as a phone number, allowing customers to connect with them bilaterally.


Angie's List Cleaning Company Details

Angie’s List – Cleaning Company Details

Angie’s List Prices

As Angie’s List is a central platform that only aggregates the offering of thousands of individual cleaning (and other) service companies, it does not offer a standardized pricing. On the contrary, prices are determined by the cleaning and housekeeping companies and differ widely, depending on the provider, location and other factors.
Please note, that Angie’s List can only be used after signing up. Depending on the membership option chosen, a yearly fee applies. The paid subscriptions offer some benefits not included in the free membership, e.g. customer support, a project scheduling feature or a complaint resolution process.


Training, Insurance & Keys

Angie’s List as a mere aggregator for local cleaning service providers, does not train the cleaning professionals. The company supports its customers in finding the best local housekeeping and maid services, while the local providers are responsible for their services’ quality and pricing.
There is no general Angie’s List insurance. Licences and insurances are the individual cleaning companies’ responsibility. Angie’s List encourages its customers to verify whether the provider selected has insurance with sufficient coverage.
Handling of keys and access to the home needs to be arranged individually with the local cleaning service company.



Angie’s List is a great option for customers to find a comprehensive list of potential providers for different kinds of local services, allowing customers to screen the market and connect with multiple companies before making a decision. It is not a booking platform, however, which allows its customers to schedule an appointment within minutes.
The quality of the cleaning companies enlisted may vary and the customer should check if the provider has sufficient insurance as there is no protection through Angie’s List.