Cleanify is a cleaning service marketplace, founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco. Through the platform, cleaners and housekeepers in the major US cities can be booked. Like other online marketplaces for cleaning, Cleanify matches customers searching for maid services with contractors, individual local cleaning companies. Unlike other cleaning platforms, however, Cleanify does not offer standardized prices.

How Cleanify works

Cleanify’s booking process is one of the easiest and quickest among the leading online cleaning service companies. The process starts on the homepage, where you can enter the zip code of your home, define the desired frequency for the cleaning, provide information on the number of rooms to be cleaned and select a date for the first job.


Cleanify Cleaning Service Homepage

Cleanify – Homepage


In the next step, a quote for the cleaning appointment is already displayed. The customer only needs to provide contact details, the address of the cleaning location and (optionally) choose add-on cleaning services such as oven, window or fridge cleaning before submitting the booking request.
Please note that with its EasyFind process, Cleanify chooses the best suited cleaning service for your need. The customer does not have to choose from a set of available cleaning companies, which makes the booking process even faster.


Cleanify Cleaning Service Booking Process

Cleanify – Booking Process


Cleanify Prices

As mentioned above, Cleanify does not offer standardized prices – unlike most of the online cleaning marketplaces and franchise housekeeping companies. The prices are determined by the individual cleaning companies enlisted on Cleanify. They do not only vary by subcontractor, but also by cleaning location and cleaning time selected. Hourly rates at Cleanify start at around ~25 USD.


Training, Insurance & Keys

Cleaning companies booked through Cleanify do bring their own supplies including vacuum cleaners. Non-standard cleaning supplies which might be required for very specific cleaning jobs need to be provided by the customer.
Most of the cleaning professionals enlisted on Cleanify do have their own insurance. Additionally, Cleanify offers a property damage protection of up to 10,000 USD, a relatively small sum compared to other cleaning platforms.
There is a Cleanify Happiness Guarantee: In case of complaints, Cleanify facilitates the dispute between customer and cleaning professional. Please note, however, that it is the cleaning company and not Cleanify as a platform who decides on reimbursements or redos.
Customers do not need to be at home for the cleaning, they only need to make sure that the cleaning professional can access the cleaning location. Cleanify recommends, however, to do a walkthrough with the cleaning provider after each cleaning.



If you want to quickly and easily book a professional cleaning for your home, Cleanify is a great choice. The booking funnel is very short and Cleanify takes care of the matching between customer and cleaning company. As all cleaners are subcontractors and the services are not standardized, there may be differences regarding quality and prices of the cleaning.