CleanNet USA is a commercial cleaning franchise company with trained independent cleaning professionals operating all over the US. The company was founded in 1987 and has its headquarters in Maryland, Virginia. CleanNet USA has specialised in commercial cleaning and janitorial services, providing cleaning services for a multitude of businesses and institutions such as churches, airports, universities and hospitals. They also strive for environmental awareness with their Clean Green program which follows the standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.


How CleanNet USA works

Unlike many online booking platforms for residential cleaning services, CleanNet USA does not offer an online booking form on its website. This is due to the specific nature of each cleaning job and the different requirements each business has. To request a quote, a cleaning service proposal or further information the customer can either directly contact CleanNet USA via phone or fill out a form on their website. To request a quote the customer has to click onto the “Request a Service” button on their landing page.


ClenNet USA Cleaning Service Homepage

ClenNet USA – Homepage


After clicking “Request a Quote” the customer is required to fill out an online form stating their location, contact details and a quick info regarding the service that they would like to request.


CleanNet USA Cleaning Service Request Quote

CleanNet USA – Request Quote


The form will then be forwarded to CleanNet USA and a representative will reach out to the customer as soon as possible, discussing further details.


CleanNet USA Prices

As stated above the cleaning requirements for each business can differ largely, depending on the size as well as the business, therefore CleanNet USA does not state any prices on their website and instead offers the opportunity to arrange a personal consultation via phone or in person. The consultation can be requested on the phone or directly scheduled on the website.


Training, Insurance & Keys

CleanNet USA provides a training program for each of its franchise owners to ensure the quality of service. Furthermore, they offer a satisfaction guarantee and use computer monitoring to keep track of customer satisfaction. Additionally, every facility receives a regular inspection from one of their quality assurance representatives.

When it comes to insurance each CleanNet USA franchise operator carries general liability coverage and provides worker’s compensation insurance for their employees, as well as a janitorial bond.

There is no information stated on their website regarding the keys to the property serviced however, CleanNet USA has a 24-hour service and can respond immediately should an emergency arise. Additionally, they provide their staff with cell phones. Moreover, they leave a log book on site which encourages communication between the customer and the responsible cleaning staff. What differentiates them from many other cleaning companies is that they also offer a Green cleaning program which uses environmentally friendly products and reduce the business or facility’s environmental impact.



CleanNet USA has received multiple awards amongst them the Wells Fargo High Performing Janitorial Supplier Award. It is also recognised as a Green Business Certified Company.



CleanNet USA and its franchise companies are providing commercial cleaning and janitorial services in most states throughout the US. They provide custom cleaning plans for a wide array of businesses and institutions and even offer a 24-hour commercial cleaning service to respond to special situation. They have a high emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction. Please note that due to the very specific needs of each business they perform on site visits, thus setting up a cleaning service can take up some time.