Handy is an online marketplace for cleaning and handyman services, which was founded as Handybook in 2012. Handy matches its customers with thousands of cleaning professionals enlisted on the platform. The company started with the goal to build a quick and convenient way to book household services online. Its cleaning service is available in the large cities in the US – among them Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco – as well as in Vancouver, Toronto and London. In addition to cleaning, further household services such as furniture assembly, interior painting or TV mounting can be booked through the platform.


How Handy works

Handy offers a very quick and easy online booking process. In the first step, the customer needs to select the required services. (Please note that we will only focus on the process for booking a cleaner)


handy home cleaning service

Handy – Service Selection


After that, the zip code, some information regarding the number of rooms to be cleaned and a date & time need to be entered.


Handy Booking Process

Handy – Booking Process I


After entering this basic information, the customer can determine the cleaning frequency (monthly, biweekly, or weekly) and the duration for the cleaning plan (3 months, 6 months, or 12 months).


Handy Booking Process

Handy – Booking Process II


In order to complete the booking, only the address information needs to be added. Extras such as window cleaning or laundry washing can be selected, but will have an impact on the duration of the booking and its price.

As frequently advertised by Handy, the booking process can easily be completed within 60 seconds.


Handy Booking Process

Handy – Booking Process III


Handy Prices

Handy’s hourly rates are around 30 USD. There is a small discount for longer term plans (3% for 6 months & 10% for 12 months).

Please note that the minimum duration for a cleaning is 3 hours, thus prices for a cleaning appointment start at ~90 USD. Also, the minimum plan length is 3 months and a cancellation fee applies (99 USD) in case the cleaning plan is terminated early. One-time cleanings can only be booked by customers, who already have a recurring plan.


Training, Insurance & Keys

Handy cleaning professionals work as sub-contractors and are not employed by the platform. Nevertheless, the cleaners are vetted through third-party background checks and regularly rated by Handy’s customers.

All bookings of cleanings through the Handy platform are insured to protect customers in case of damages caused as a result of the service booked through Handy. Additionally, a customer happiness guarantee ensures that a new professional is sent at no extra charge if a cleaning job was not completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Handy cleaners bring their own supplies – typically this includes rags, wipes, mops and cleaning solutions.

Customers do not need to be at home for the cleaning appointments, as long as the cleaner is granted access to the home or has the necessary entry instructions.



Handy is a great choice if you are looking for a quick and easy option to book your cleaning service. With their online booking process affordable cleaning professionals can literally be found within a minute. The minimum cleaning plan duration is 3 months, thus one-time cleaning appointments are not offered. Cleaning appointments within the plan can, however, easily be managed with Handy’s mobile app.