JAN-PRO is an industry leader in commercial cleaning franchises throughout the world. The company was founded in 1991. While headquartered in the US, JAN-PRO has set up operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.


How JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems Works

JAN-PRO is doe not have a strong online presence incl. online booking process as it focuses on commercial customers with very diverse cleaning needs instead of residential customers, whose cleaning requirements are more standardized.

On the JAN-PRO homepage, the customer can choose from one of the countries the company is active in. After that, the customer enters the zip code of his commercial property. Next, the website will show the telephone number of the respective branch in the according area, allowing the customer to get in contact and discuss the company’s cleaning requirements.


Jan Pro Cleaning Service Homepage

JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems – Homepage

Alternatively, the customer can provide his contact information in a short online form. Thereafter, a representative from the respective franchise office will get in touch in order to discuss the customer’s needs and provide an estimate for free.


Jan Pro Cleaning Service Free Estimate

JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems – Free Estimate


JAN-PRO Prices

Every company’s cleaning needs are different; therefore JAN-PRO makes individual quotes for each customer after identifying and evaluating their requirements in more detail.

JAN-PRO prices start at around 100 USD for an individual cleaning of a small office without a lot of special requirements.
The cleaning frequency can range from daily to monthly, weekly being the most typical choice for smaller offices.


Training, Insurance & Keys

Staff training appears to be of highest importance at JAN-PRO. Every JAN-PRO owner-operator undergoes five weeks of intense training and certification. The Signature Clean program also aims to include strict quality standards that cleaners must follow when delivering JAN-PRO services, which includes a custom-tailored service plan for every workplace.
JAN-PRO guarantees your complete satisfaction with the results of every cleaning they provide. If there are any complaints regarding the cleaning’s quality, you can contact your JAN-PRO representative and are likely to be offered a free reclean.
As you want to avoid having cleaners run around your desk while you work, you should hand over keys for your office the cleaners, allowing them to access and clean your commercial space outside office hours.



JAN-PRO is a good choice for commercial customers looking for a high-quality and reliable cleaning service. Similar to most cleaning companies focused on the commercial space, JAN-PRO does not have an online booking process. However, you can easily get a representative from your area on the phone, who can provide details on expected fees and make recommendations regarding the cleaning plan. Be aware, that some time and effort is required before the first cleaning takes place. Because of that and JAN-PRO’s relatively high prices, there might be better alternatives for very small offices and a more infrequent cleaning need.