Molly Maid was founded in 1984 and is one of the largest cleaning companies in the residential segment with close to 500 hundred individually owned franchises across the country.


How Molly Maid works

The first step of booking a cleaning through Molly Maid is the submission of an online request form. The information submitted includes the location of your home, its size (number of rooms and square feet) as well as the required cleaning frequency.


Molly Maid Booking Process

Molly Maid – Online Request Form

After submission of the request form a Molly Maid representative will call in order to discuss further details. Note that customers do not receive a quote over the phone. However, a free in-home estimate can be scheduled which takes into account the home’s characteristics as well as the customer’s preferences and budget.


Molly Maid Pricing

Molly Maid – Quote Estimate


If you decide to book the Molly Maid home cleaning service, a customized plan is designed to define the cleaning need: What shall be cleaned in which frequency? Which rooms shall be emphasized or left out?

Lastly, the first cleaning can be scheduled. Customers do not have to sign long-term contracts, the service can be cancelled at any time.


Molly Maid Prices

The Molly Maid cleaning services starts with a deep clean, usually performed by two cleaning professionals and charged hourly. After that the regular cleaning starts – in most cases on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but alternative plans are available as well. Molly Maid does not charge hourly rates for their ongoing cleaning service, fixed prices are determined individually for each customer and home.

Prices for studio apartments or 1 bedroom homes start at ~70 USD, but depend greatly on the location and cleaning preferences.


Training, Insurance & Keys

Molly Maid cleaners participate in a training course before their first cleaning job. All cleaning professionals are insured – the insurance entails liability and worker’s compensation.

In contrast to most online platforms, the cleaners do not operate as sub-contractors but are employed by Molly Maid. Note that also unlike most online platforms Molly Maid cleaners provide cleaning supplies and equipment.

Keys can be handed over to the Molly Maid cleaners if customers do not plan to be at home during the cleanings. Customer keys are stored securely and have to be checked out by the cleaners on the day of the cleaning and returned on the same day.



Molly Maid offers a high-quality, very reliable and trustworthy cleaning service. This comes at a price: Molly Maid is among the more expensive providers for house cleaning services.

Their professional service is great for customers with high standards and who are looking for longer term cleaning service, as the setup (initial call, in-home estimate and deep clean) will require some time and investment.