MyClean is an online platform for cleaning services, founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York City. The company offers home cleaning and office cleaning. The service can be booked through a simple online process and is currently available in New York City and Chicago. Unlike other online platforms that match customers searching for cleaners with local contractors, MyClean employs its cleaners.


How MyClean works

The process for booking a cleaning through MyClean starts on the homepage, where the customer can select the city (currently NYC & Chicago), indicate the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and define the type of cleaning. The types differ by cleaning intensity – the following cleaning types are available: Standard, Standard Plus, Deep Clean & Moving In/Out.

(Please note that this is the process for booking a cleaner for your home. The process for booking an office cleaning starts with a short online form. After its submission, a MyClean representative will get in touch by phone or email.)


MyClean Cleaning Service Homepage

MyClean – Homepage


In the next step, the information previously entered needs to be verified:


MyClean Cleaning Service Details

MyClean – Booking Process – Cleaning Details


Now, a date for the (first) cleaning can be selected. Please note that pricing depends on the date and time chosen – customers can save money by choosing off-peak dates and allowing the cleaner to arrive in a larger time frame rather than at a specified hour.


MyClean Cleaning Service Booking Process Date Selection

MyClean – Booking Process – Date Selection


Next, the desired frequency for the cleaning needs to be defined. Available options are one-time, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Note that the higher the frequency, the cheaper the single cleaning job becomes.


MyClean Cleaning Service Booking Process Frequency

MyClean – Booking Process – Frequency

In the same step, the customer is asked to enter the address of the cleaning location, specify how the cleaner can access the home, pick add-ons (fridge, oven or inside cabinets cleaning) and leave special instructions.

MyClean Cleaning Service Booking Process Address & Special Instructions

MyClean – Booking Process – Address & Special Instructions


Lastly, contact and payment info (credit card only) need to be entered in order to be able to submit the booking request.

MyClean Cleaning Service Booking Process Contact & Payment Info

MyClean – Booking Process – Contact & Payment Info


MyClean Prices

MyClean’s pricing is very competitive. Prices for a single job depend not only on the cleaning type and resulting duration, but also on the frequency and the flexibility with regards to specific hours.
Prices for a 2-hours home cleaning start at 69 USD on a weekly plan, a 2-hours one-time cleaning starts at 89 USD.


Training, Insurance & Keys

MyClean takes great pride in employing its cleaners. All cleaners are trained based on a 50 point checklist defined by MyClean and insured for potential damages caused while performing a cleaning.
MyClean’s Great Clean Guarantee allows customers unsatisfied with the result of a cleaning appointment to request a free redo.
Customers do not need to be at home for the cleaning, as long as the cleaner has all relevant entry instructions to enter.
Please note that unlike most cleaning companies, MyClean does not provide all supplies needed for a cleaning. While basic equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops and buckets need to be provided by the customer, MyClean professionals will bring all other equipment needed as well as environmentally friendly supplies.



If you live or work in New York City or Chicago, MyClean offers a nice and simple process to book a cleaner for your home or office. As all cleaners are employed by MyClean, the company can offer standardized services and prices, which are very reasonable. MyClean is also a great option, if you just need a one-time cleaning.