ServiceMaster Clean was originally founded in 1929 as a moth proofing company but over the past decades grew into a large cleaning franchise, offering services in the commercial as well as the residential sector, operating in all 51 states. ServiceMaster Clean provides janitorial services for religious buildings, sports and entertainment venues, hospitals and schools as well as for office spaces and the hospitality industry. In addition, it also caters to the needs of private customers, offering upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning or air duct cleaning.


How ServiceMaster Clean works

ServiceMaster Clean does not offer an online booking service for its residential or commercial customers. This is due to the variety of services that they provide –  different businesses have very different and specific needs. In the residential sector, they take care of tasks such as post-construction clean-up or Hardwood floors services, which can also largely differ in size and job required. To schedule an appointment the customer first has to select the service that they require. The customer can choose between Commercial or Residential Services.


ServiceMaster Clean Cleaning Service Homepage

ServiceMaster Clean – Homepage


Once the customer has decided which service they require they can select it and will be redirected to a page providing them with further information regarding this service. Here the customer can click the button “Get a Quote”.


ServiceMaster Clean – Get Quote


After that an online form appears into which the customer has to enter their contact details, as well as information regarding the service they require. This form applies to residential as well as commercial services.


ServiceMaster Clean Cleaning Service Online Form

ServiceMaster Clean – Online Form


Once the form has been submitted a representative in the area will get in touch. Alternatively, the customer can search for a branch in the area and contact them directly via phone.


ServiceMaster Clean Prices

As stated above ServiceMaster Clean provides each customer with an individual quote as the prices can vary, depending on the specific business needs and on the size as well as the tasks required. The price will be stated either on the phone, in person or the customer will receive their quote via email.


Training, Insurance & Keys

There is no information provided regarding the qualifications or training of ServiceMaster Cleaning Staff. However, some of the companies’ franchise offices have a strong emphasis on their team members, rewarding excellence as well as providing training for each staff member before they start on their first job.

There is no information provided on the website regarding the handling of keys, however there is a telephone number shown on website that the customer can call should there be any open questions concerning the service.

The customer is fully insured should any damage occur during the cleaning process caused by ServiceMaster Clean staff.



ServiceMaster Clean is operating in all 51 states with multiple offices all over the country, offering a wide range of services for commercial as well as residential customers. In the residential sector, they are not providing a general cleaning service and thus are more suited for specific one time or yearly services such as the cleaning of air ducts or wooden floors. In the commercial sector, they can cater to a variety of businesses and very specific requirements.

Please note that due to the specificity of the tasks required they only provide a quote after arranging an appointment, thus booking a cleaning service may take a little longer.