Stratus Building Solutions is an environmentally friendly commercial cleaning and janitorial service company. The company was founded in 2004 and has its headquarters in Hollywood, California. They service a variety of facilities such as medical offices, day care centres and car dealerships as well as offering special cleaning services including hard floor care and construction clean up. They are operating in most larger cities across the US and also have an office in Canada.


How Stratus Building Solutions works

Similar to most commercial cleaning companies, Stratus Building Solutions does not provide an online booking process on their website. As they offer services for a broad range of businesses the requirements for each facility can differ largely which makes it difficult to understand the customer’s needs through a simple online booking process. This is why the customer has the option to request a quote either via phone or through their website. To request a quote the customer has to first select the branch closest to them and then click the button “Request a free Quote”.


Stratus Building Solutions Cleaning Service Homepage

Stratus Building Solutions – Homepage


After that an online form appears asking the customer to enter their details as well as some information regarding the service they require.


Stratus Building Solutions Cleaning Service Request Quote

Stratus Building Solutions – Request Quote


After the form has been submitted, a representative from the nearest branch will get in touch to arrange a consultation and to provide the customer with a quote.


Stratus Building Solutions Prices

As stated above, each business has very specific needs depending on size and facility serviced. Therefore, Stratus Building Solutions provides each customer with an individual quote and tailors the services offered to their requirements; depending on this the prices can vary. Thus, Stratus Building Solution does not state any fixed prices or rates on their website but instead offers a consultation in which further details can be discussed. This can be arranged via phone or directly through their website.


Training, Insurance & Keys

Stratus Building Solutions provides extensive training for all of its staff members comprised of a five-session training program which includes Business Administration, Safety & Procedures, and Technical Floor Care. Moreover, they offer a monthly evaluation where their Operations Department ensures that the service provided by their janitorial crew is up to standard.

When it comes to insurance Stratus Building Solution provides two million dollars General Liability insurance coverage, Worker’s Compensation, $50,000 Janitorial Bond, and Theft policy coverage to every customer.

There is no information stated on their website concerning the handling of keys to the property serviced however, they do offer a 24-hour emergency line should an emergency arise or a special service is required.



Stratus Building Solutions is available in most larger cities throughout the US. In comparison to other commercial cleaning companies they have a very strong focus on environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, providing their commercial clients with green cleaning options to create a healthier environment for their customers and employees.

Please note, that due to the specific requirements each business has Stratus Building Solutions is unable to provide a quote without a prior phone call or on-site visit, thus setting up the cleaning service will take up some time.