Founded in 2004 in Cleveland as a commercial cleaning company System4, is now operating as a facility management business. They offer a one-contact solution for multiple services as well as providing their customers with a facility management software. Additionally, they offer janitorial services and commercial cleaning services for businesses such as movie theatres, medical facilities or auto dealerships. System4 has branches in most large cities in the US and currently services 7500 customers across the country.


How System4 works

Similar to most commercial cleaning companies System4 does not offer an online booking process on their website. This is due to the specific requirements each business has and the multiplicity of services that System4 offers.


System4 Office Cleaning Service Homepage

System4 – Homepage


In order to request a quote, the customer has two options: They can either call the nearest office or fill out an online form. The phone numbers as well as the online form can be found under the header “Services”. The customer simply has to click on “Request a Quote” and will then be redirected to a page which provides them with the phone numbers of all System4 offices and the online form.


System4 Office Cleaning Service Request Quote

System4 – Request Quote


The customer then has to enter their address, contact details, business type as well as some information on how they found the company.


System4 Office Cleaning Service Online Form

System4 – Online Form


Once the request has been sent a representative will get in touch as soon as possible.


System4 Prices

Due to the specific requirements each business has, the prices for the service depending on request, frequency of schedule and size can differ largely. Therefore, System4 provides a quote for each customer and tailors the services to their needs. They also offer facility management packages which means that the customer will receive a better price should they wish to book multiple services. To make things easier the client will receive only one invoice.


Training, Insurance & Keys

System4 does not provide information on the qualifications or training of its staff online. However, they do state on their website that due to them operating as facility management, they ensure uniform performance standards for all their locations as well as providing wireless technology to communicate service needs.

There is no information stated regarding the keys of the property serviced but they do provide a phone number which the customer can call, should questions arise.

What differentiates System4 from other commercial cleaning companies and janitorial services is that they offer a facility management system which allows the customer to book multiple services at once which then will all be managed by System4. This can be an advantage when it comes to larger facilities as the business will receive a facility manager as well as a software to manage the tasks at hand.

No information concerning their insurance policy is stated on the website.



System4 is a facility management business. They offer commercial cleaning and janitorial services for a wide array of business. Moreover, they offer a facility management service that includes a facility management software. This can come in handy when it comes to larger businesses where multiple services are needed, as this can save time and money. This option is not suited for smaller businesses.

Please note that System4 cannot provide a quote without a prior phone call and/or onsite visitation. Therefore, setting up the cleaning service for a business or facility might take some time.