TIDY is a small online homekeeping platform that matches professional cleaners with its customers. It was founded in 2013 and currently serves a number of Western US Cities – among them Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and San Diego.


How TIDY works

Like other online platforms for cleaning services, TIDY offers a quick and simple booking process.

Tidy Cleaning Services Online Platform

TIDY – Website

In a first step, the customer needs to sign up by entering his contact information including email. After that, the address for the object to be cleaned must be entered.


TIDY Cleaning Boooking Process Sign-up

TIDY – Booking Process – Sign-up



TIDY Cleaning Booking Process Addreess

TIDY – Booking Process – Addreess


Unless all cleaners are completely booked, a new window pops up, asking the customer to choose the cleaning type, its frequency and select a date for the first cleaning.

There are three different cleaning types, which differ by duration and number of maids:

  • TIDY: 1 hour cleaning performed by 1 cleaning professional
  • TIDY+: 2.5 hours cleaning performed by 1 cleaning professional
  • MIGHTY: 4 hours cleaning performed by 2 cleaning professionals

The frequency for ongoing plans range from 3 appointments per week to monthly cleaning. Even single jobs can be booked.


TIDY Cleaning Booking Process Plan

TIDY – Booking Process – Cleaning Plan

After entering your payment info (credit card only) in order to save the reservation, information regarding the number of rooms, access to your home as well as preferences can be provided.


TIDY Cleaning Booking Process Payment

TIDY – Booking Process – Payment

 TIDY Prices

TIDY offers fixed prices for their different cleaning types – these prices may, however, differ by location.

  • TIDY: ~40-45 USD
  • TIDY+: ~75-90 USD
  • MIGHTY: ~200-250 USD

Please note that a 10% extra charge applies for one-time cleanings.


Training, Insurance & Keys

Similar to other online platforms, TIDY’s professional cleaners work as subcontractors and are not employed by TIDY. TIDY cleaners have to pass a background check and are certified. According to the TIDY website, less than 5% of the applicants pass the certification. TIDY also promises that the home cleaning professionals speak English and are legal US residents.
Cleanings booked through TIDY are covered by a liability insurance of up to 2 M USD for damages caused by the maid. Additionally, there is a customer satisfaction guarantee: Customers can schedule a new cleaning job at no extra charge if they are unhappy with the first job.
While handing over keys to the cleaners is possible, TIDY does not encourage its customers to do so.
TIDY housekeepers bring their own supplies, among them vacuum cleaners, mops, all purpose cleaners, sponges, etc. The cleaning equipment needs to be green and safe – this is also a requirement for cleaners to pass the certification.



TIDY is a good choice if you want to quickly find a cleaner near you and schedule an appointment – even for one-time cleanings. With their satisfaction guarantee and a stringent certification process for their cleaners, TIDY is well positioned to offer good quality cleaning at affordable prices.
Please note, that TIDY’s regional presence is currently limited to key cities in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and California.