Vanguard Cleaning Systems is one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the US with more than 3,000 independently operated franchises. The company was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. The company does not offer residential cleaning services, but provides their janitorial services to a broad range of commercial customer types such as general offices, schools, churches or retail stores.


How Vanguard Cleaning Systems works

Unlike many residential cleaning companies and in particular the numerous online cleaning platforms, Vanguard Cleaning Systems does not offer an online process for booking a cleaning. The reasons for this is the broad range of businesses’ cleaning requirements. These requirements often depend on the specific business and characteristics of its facilities, which is why office cleaning is less standardized than home cleaning. Therefore, it is difficult to grasp the complexity commercial customer’s need through a simple online booking process.
The first step of scheduling an appointment, however, can be taken on the Vanguard homepage by clicking the button FREE CLEANING QUOTE.


Vanguard Cleaning Services Homepage

Vanguard Cleaning Systems – Homepage


After that, a simple online form appears allowing the customer to enter his or her contact details:


Vanguard Cleaning Services Booking Process

Vanguard Cleaning Systems – Booking Process


After submission of the form, the request is being forwarded to the regional franchise office that is responsible for your area. After that, a representative from the according office will get in touch with you in order to discuss the specific cleaning requirements for your office.


Vanguard Cleaning Service Free Quote

Vanguard Cleaning Systems – Free Quote


Vanguard Cleaning Systems Prices

As explained above, cleaning needs differ widely from company to company. Therefore, Vanguard provides an individual quote for each customer after evaluating their requirements in detail. The frequency of the cleaning plan is, of course, another key driver for the costs. An individual office cleaning job for a small location starts at 100-150 USD.
Please note, that each Vanguard franchise determines its pricing individually. Therefore, cleaning prices for a similar sized office in two different cities might vary.


Training, Insurance & Keys

Vanguard Cleaning Systems does not provide information on the qualifications or training of its cleaning staff online. However, the company offers resources for the franchise offices’ training. The franchise offices in turn have a strong interest in establishing a lasting relationship with their customers and therefore a strong incentive to deliver high quality office cleaning.
All Vanguard cleaning customers have a dedicated account representative who can be contacted in case of questions or complaints.
It is recommended, that keys for your office are handed to the Vanguard staff, allowing them to access and clean your commercial space outside office hours.



Vanguard Cleaning Systems is available in most larger cities throughout the US and in major cities in Canada. They offer high-quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Their prices are often perceived as relatively high.
Please note that like most commercial cleaning companies, Vanguard Cleaning Systems cannot provide a quote without a prior phone call and/or onsite visitation. Therefore, setting up the cleaning service for your office will require some time.