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It is the start of a new season and nothing feels better than having a clean house that is not only shiny on the surface but is also clean from within as this can really help you bring order into your life and can have a positive effect on your well-being. Unfortunately, not all of […]

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We all know this story: It is Saturday morning and instead of staying in bed a little longer you have to get up to mop the floors, clean the bathroom and sanitize the kitchen. It is exactly in these situations, when the idea of hiring a cleaner comes to mind. Hiring a cleaning company would […]

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The search for a cleaner or housekeeper most often starts on Google or similar search engines. You will find tons of providers claiming to be the best, cheapest, most reliable or whatnot cleaning company in your area. The number of options is simply overwhelming. So which cleaning or housekeeping company should you choose?   Cleaning […]

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