We all enjoy coming back to a good smelling home. However, from time to time a bad odour can stick around and stop your house smelling as good as it could. While the most common methods of throwing the windows open or investing in a good air freshener or scented candle can come in handy, on occasion we encounter the kind of pong where these techniques just won’t cut it. We’ve got some more fixes for you for when those unwelcome odours won’t budge, as well as tips on how to keep them away for good.


Check your appliances

If you start to get a whiff of something funny every time you turn on the washing machine or dishwasher, it could be the case that your trusted appliances need a good deep clean. Due to the everyday nature of their jobs, these machines gather a build-up of grime and mould, which collects bacteria and can start to smell. This can also lead to unclean and musty laundry, and a stink that replaces the pleasant smells you should be left with. It’s worth checking the user guides for both, however, every so often you can run a hot cycle in an empty dishwasher with vinegar, or an empty washing machine with bleach or cleaning tablets, and leave the door open to dry out and reduce mould.


Fix faulty plumbing

If you’ve given your appliances a thorough clean and they’re still emanating a bad odour, the problem could be in the plumbing. This is a big one to watch out for, as it can be at the root of the most overpowering stinks in your kitchen or bathroom. The source of any ‘bad water smell’ can sometimes be attributed to blocked pipes, which are easily salvaged with an unblocking cleaning product, however if the problem persists it is worth calling in a professional plumber to take a look and find the source of the blockage.


Locate mould or mildew

 In colder weather our house can become a home to mould and mildew, which results in unpleasant damp and musty smells. By locating any spaces that are prone to them, you are one step closer to getting rid of the recognisable odour and the highly allergenic spores that are behind it. Once you find the sources of mould, you can scrub away the area until clear. It is also worth checking if the spores have become embedded deeper in the walls or wallpaper, and keeping the heating on at home in cold weather to help prevent the problem coming back.


Prevent kitchen odours

We all know that strong food smells like fried food, curry, and fish can hang around and waft through the house for days – however, there are effective ways to combat this. Always make sure to ventilate the kitchen while cooking strong smelling food, and keep the door to the rest of the house closed until the smell has evaporated. Make sure to also clean any oil residue that sprays while you’re cooking and can leave an odour, as well throwing out any leftovers that wont be used as soon as possible. These simple methods should keep your kitchen and dining room smelling as good as they should!


Keep pet areas clean 

Washing your pet’s beds and keeping an eye on the kitty litter ensures that these areas stay fresh and clean – and stop bad smells from spreading through the rest of the house. Consider investing in a charcoal pet odour absorber, that helps stop the natural smells of your pet from becoming bad, and keep it by the areas they use. Make sure to also tackle any stains that may happen immediately to avoid the stink staying in the air – and keep your pet happy, too!


Take out the trash

A simple one – but one of the easiest. Make sure to never let trash hang around for long enough to produce bad smells, and remember to regularly deep clean your bins and rubbish area with hot water and bleach. Spillages and debris can linger even after trash disposal, so it’s worth checking them every week or so and cleaning them out – a dirty job, but well worth it if your rubbish is kept in your kitchen or inside your house.


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