A godsend during the winter months when temperatures drop, there’s nothing better than curling your toes into warm, fluffy carpeting. Keeping your carpets clean and protecting them from everyday wear and tear seems like a big task – but we have several tips and tricks to help you keep your carpets in great condition, and your home at it’s cosiest.



The number one rule of cleaning carpet stains – always remember to blot, don’t rub! Rubbing can cause stains to spill outwards or become embedded in the carpet, while blotting from the outside in is a more effective way to target the spot, and soak up the stain in the fibres. Using a solution of cold water with a cloth to catch spillages immediately after they take place is the most effective way to prevent stains, and works a treat for wine or coffee marks.


Salt treatment

Another great trick to have up your sleeve for dark stains like red wine is a product we all have in the house – salt. Once you have blotted, cover the offending area with salt, and leave for as long as you can, overnight if possible. This magical method works by using the salt’s chemical properties to draw out the moisture in the stain. Once it has fully absorbed, you should be able to see a colour change in the salt, which means your stain should have all but disappeared. After vacuuming this process can be repeated as is necessary.



Vinegar is a great method for both getting rid of bad pet stains, and keeping your carpet fresh. This is especially useful for those unavoidable “accidents”, that no one wants to deal with, but can be easily removed by being wiped with a rag soaked in diluted vinegar. Make sure to take care with very delicate and fine carpets, as vinegar’s acidic content can in some cases cause damage the fibres. However, when used wisely, this cheap household product can have miraculous results.


Less is more

 Whether you’re using water-based solutions for small, fresh stains, or chemical products for dried, tougher ones, less is more in both cases. Too much product is risky as it can be too harsh on your carpet, and end up removing stains but damaging the fabric in the process. Always try to use the lightest treatment possible, and only resort to chemical products if vinegar and salt really won’t cut it. Similarly with water, too much applied to a spill can exacerbate the problem by setting into the fibres, and causing the onset of mildew or mould.


Deep cleaning

The ultimate in caring for your carpet – steam cleaning your floors twice a year keeps them in good shape and prolongs their longevity. Following this with regular vacuuming prevents soil and dirt from becoming ingrained in the fibres, and also has the benefit of getting rid of allergens. If you value your carpets and your home this is a must – it freshens up your environment and looks fantastic too!


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