Keeping everything running smoothly when it comes to laundry isn’t the easiest job in the world, especially if you have a big household and a busy schedule. From machine malfunctions to bad-smelling loads, laundry problems can be stressful and time-consuming. However these can usually easily be avoided with careful maintenance of your machine and managing of your wash cycles. Whatever your laundry routine, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help make every wash cleaner and fresher, every time.


Clean your machine

They key to cleaner laundry starts with your machine. We often have problems with items not washing properly due to an overworked and badly maintained system, so remember to deeply clean your machine every now and then to eliminate mildew, which causes bad smells. Start by cleaning the seal and inside the door, where junk from pockets can collect and spread in the machine. Don’t forget to follow the users’ manual instructions carefully while you clean the filter out to ensure no water leaks. Finally, run a hot cycle through with bleach to get rid of any residual dirt. Taking care of your machine will optimise its cleaning power, and help keep your clothes in great condition.


Hang and dry immediately

Another sure-fire way to develop mildew in your machine is to leave damp or soggy loads inside for long periods of time. Hanging your clothes or putting them in the dryer as soon as possible after washing keeps your machine clean, and your clothes smelling great (and less creased when it comes to ironing). If you can, try and store sweaty sports or gym clothes hanging up instead of in a pile until you can wash them for cleaner results. Don’t forget to leave the door open after cleaning, as well as between washes to dry the machine and stop any dreaded mildew from making a comeback.


Choose the best detergent for you

There are so many detergents out there on the market now it can be impossible to know which one to choose. However, the wide variety in most shops means you can choose exactly the right one for you, be it one for sensitive skin without dyes or other irritants, detergents specifically for delicates, or eco-friendly ranges. Whether you buy it in gel, powder, or pod form, make sure you test whether it’s working properly with your machine cycles. Always avoid using too much, which can lead to excess soap left on clothes, or using cold water detergents on hot cycles, which destroys their effectiveness.


Separate the load

Although tempting to throw everything that’s dirty in the wash after a busy week, an overstuffed and overworked machine will lead to bad smelling washes, and eventually, break down. It’s worth doing separate washes if you have large loads of sports or gym wear for hygiene purposes. Similarly with kitchen towels, bath towels, and bedsheets, take care mixing items that require a high heat to kill more bacteria. Trying to squeeze in as much as you can to save water is actually the least efficient method of doing so, as you may have to repeat washes if things aren’t clean.



Last but not least, remember to dry clothes thoroughly before putting away, and for best results, always dry outside. This also stops your house from becoming damp from hanging clothes inside, however, if you have to dry inside, especially in winter, make sure to keep windows open in order for the air to flow properly.  This also leaves you with cleaner and fresher laundry that dries faster so you can start the next load!


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