We all know this story: It is Saturday morning and instead of staying in bed a little longer you have to get up to mop the floors, clean the bathroom and sanitize the kitchen. It is exactly in these situations, when the idea of hiring a cleaner comes to mind. Hiring a cleaning company would allow you to have more time to invest in your social life and can help you get more organized. However, there are a few things you should consider before hiring a cleaner.


One-time vs. recurring

Would you like a cleaner to help you deep clean your house before a move or make the house look sparkling and clean before a dinner party, but otherwise are happy to take of care of your apartment yourself? In that case, you can hire a cleaner for this specific occasion. Most cleaning companies offer this option and allow you to book an appointment with a cleaner at a suitable date.

If you are very busy with family or work; or would simply rather read a book or watch a film than clean your apartment, then you can book a recurring appointment with a cleaner. Most online booking platforms for cleaning services allow you to determine the cleaning frequency while you book your first appointment. You can hire a cleaner monthly, biweekly or weekly. Upon request, other schedules are possible. And who are we kidding? There is nothing better than always coming home to a clean apartment.


Quality of cleaners

When choosing a cleaner, it is not only important to know that the quality of the actual task is up to scratch; vetting, insurance and training should also be considered. Most online cleaning marketplaces show customer reviews on their website which make it easier for you to decide, whether this is the right company or cleaner for you. Some companies even offer the option to send a new cleaning professional, free of charge if you are not happy with the service provided. If anything should get damaged during the cleaning process you are insured up to a certain amount. This amount is subject to the terms and conditions of the cleaning companies.


Customer Service & Mobile App

You have hired a cleaner to save valuable time, thus you do not want to spend hours on the booking or on the phone with customer service if anything goes wrong, therefore it is important to keep in mind what booking options the company offers. A lot of the online cleaning market places provide you with the opportunity to do a one-stop-shop, letting you book your recurring appointments at once. If you wish to change your appointment or add an extra one you can reschedule via email or an
an app which allows you to quickly book an appointment while on the go.



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