There are a few fundamental differences between office cleaning and home cleaning that are important to keep in mind, when looking for a company that fits your needs.


The tasks required are different

A cleaner for your home will have to perform a wide range of tasks that differ largely from the ones being performed when cleaning an office or commercial building, this includes housekeeping, bedroom cleaning, shower cleaning or the changing of bedding. These are all areas which usually cannot be found in an office. Floor maintenance, bathroom sanitizing or providing lavatory supplies are typical commercial cleaning services.



One of the major differences between office cleaning and home cleaning is the scale of the task required. Whereas a domestic cleaner may be hired to clean an entire apartment or house, a commercial cleaner will be required to clean one or multiple commercial buildings. Moreover, most commercial cleaning and janitorial companies offer a multitude of services that are tailored specifically to the customers’ needs.



Residential cleaning companies offer a standardized service to their customers and are therefore able to state a fixed price on their website. This price can vary depending on size of property serviced as well as the extras booked.

Facility or janitorial service companies, on the other hand offer a service that is tailored to the specific needs of the business that they service.  Therefore, they are unable to provide a quote for a standardized service. The facilities that commercial cleaning companies cater for can range from small office buildings where the cleaning tasks include general office cleaning, floor maintenance or the sanitizing of bathrooms to medical facilities where much more specific tasks are required as set hygiene standards have to be met.


Tools and Products

While home cleaning companies use the same tools and cleaning products that one might find in a supermarket, commercial cleaning companies often require special equipment. This is due to the difference in scale as well as the specific nature of tasks required.



When it comes to your own home it is very important to build trust with the cleaning company. Therefore, many residential cleaning platforms give their customers the possibility to review their staff and allow their customers to hire their favourite cleaner again.  Some residential cleaning companies even offer a” happiness guarantee” which allows the client to hire another cleaning professional free of charge if they were not satisfied.

When it comes to commercial cleaning trust is also an important factor, therefore many commercial cleaning franchises build a strong relationship with their customers from the start. Moreover, most commercial cleaning companies offer a 24- hour phone service as well as regular quality checks.


Different Cleaning Schedules

While it makes sense for a home owner to book a cleaner for a special occasion or a few times a month, commercial businesses often need to be cleaned daily or at least multiple times a week, therefore it is important to create a cleaning plan for the office and also to have a company that can respond quickly should an emergency arise.


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